Boracay New Coast

Boracay Newcoast is a 150-hectare mixed-use leisure and resort development. It is envisioned to be the next world-class tourism destination in the paradise island. Soon to rise in the tropical tourism development are luxury and boutique hotels, commercial and retail district, upscale villas, and an exclusive residential village. Among the first residential towers to rise here is Oceanway Residences, a cluster of mid-rise condominiums offering amazing views of the Sibuyan Sea, Mt. Luho, the island’s highest peak; as well as the Fairways &Bluewater Golf Course. Aside from Oceanway Residences, among the upcoming projects here include four hotels and an Ibiza-inspired commercial and retail strip, all the more making it the most anticipated destination in Boracay.

Boracay New Coast Megaworld

Megaworld’s Global-Estate Resorts, Inc. will set to prove once again that Boracay is one of the best beach destinations in the world –all the more reason to dream of owning your place in this new hip and happening spot at Boracay Newcoast.

What is Boracay Newcoast?

  • Boracay Newcoast is an integrated tourism estate with world-class resort offerings. It is the first and only master-planned leisure oriented community in Boracay. Situated northeast of the island, it is a fresh tourism inspired development that will help Boracay attract more tourists and investors over the long-term.
  • Located on the single largest piece of contiguous land in Boracay, Boracay Newcoast makes up 14% of the island (including the golf course).
  • Boracay Newcoast has an entire area of 140 hectares.
  • One of the public area’s main attractions is an exclusive, kilometer-long white sand beach separated into 3 coves. Apart from a private residential village, there are specialty boutique hotels, shop houses, and a massive commercial center called Newcoast Station. Included also are 4 international hotel brands (including an international spa hotel) plus a local one.
  • Lots available for sale are titled properties, not mere tax declarations. This is significant because only 29% of Boracay Island is titled.
  • Newcoast Drive (approximately 2.5 kilometers) is the main road of Boracay Newcoast. In terms of project development, Newcoast Drive is scheduled to be Phase 1. Commencement of construction will start immediately after the contractor has been identified by GERI (target completion is between 12-18 months afterwards) – for Newcoast Drive only.
  • Entrance to the Boracay Newcoast is adjacent to the Eco village and Shangri-La Boracay; the road will be open to the public.
  • Inspired by the townships created by Megaworld Corporation in Metro Manila (examples are Eastwood City, McKinley Hill, and Newport City), Boracay Newcoast will become the benchmark for Philippine leisure destination. Tourists could expect a truly international experience.

Facts about Boracay Island

  • Global acceptance of Boracay as a beach destination makes the island a top choice for sustainable long-term tourism.
  • Boracay beach ranked as No. 1 in Asia and No. 2 in the world in 2011 Traveler’s Choice Awards of TripAdvisor, the largest travel website. Boracay beach topped Palm/Eagle beach in Aruba, Seven Mile beach in Grand Cayman, Maldives, Bora Bora in French Polynesia, and Honolulu beach in Hawaii.
  • Boracay Island ranked No. 4 in the world and No. 2 in Asia according to Travel + Leisure Magazine’s World’s Best 2011 awards. Boracay Island bested other international island destinations such as Galápagos Islands in Ecuador, Great Barrier Reef Islands in Australia, Phuket in Thailand, and Maldives.
  • The number of tourists to the island reached 779,666 in 2010, up 20% from 2009 with tourist arrivals expected to double in the next 5-6 years.
  • Of Boracay’s total land area of 1,006.64 hectares, around 382 hectares (38%) are classified as forest lands. The remaining 624 hectares (62%) are considered alienable and disposable (A&D).
  • In terms of land classification, about 292 hectares (or 29% of Boracay Island) are titled propertiesissued by the Court in 1933. The 292 hectares is divided as follows:

Seaside enclaves, inspired by the world.

The master stroke that makes Boracay Newcoast a work of art is its blend of old and new, organic and deliberate, rugged and refined.

Headed by the chief executive of Global-Estate Resorts Inc., a team of master planners traveled the globe to find inspiration for the community’s shophouse and boutique hotel districts.

Boracay New Coast Sea Side

These two seaside districts, virtually shaped by the most beautiful destinations in the world, offer a nod to the aesthetic and architeture of Oia and Fira in Santorini, Greece; Ibiza, Marbella and Barcelona in Spain; Key West, Fort Launderdale, Palm Beach, Miami, Martha’s Vineyard, Santa Monica and San Diego in the United States; and Bali and Phuket in Asia.

Location and Development Plan

Boracay Newcoast lies on the premier side of Boracay, one of more than 7.000 islands in the Philippine archipelago. Located in Aklan province, off the northwest tip of Panay island in the western Visayas region, Boracay is every inch a tropical paradise. The island is surrounded by the sparkling azure waters of Sibuyan Sea in the east and Sulu Sea in the west. And blessed with sunshine, sandy shores and ocean breezes, it’s a destination that echoes with its own unique siren song.

How to get to Boracay Newcoast?

There are two main types of transport that will get you to Boracay; in fact you really need a combination of the two. You can either fly or take a ferry. You cannot fly directly to Boracay, as Boracay does not have an airport.

By Air

Manila to Boracay – The quickest way to travel to Boracay Island is to take the plane from Manila domestic terminal and fly to the island of Panay in the Visayas. The two flight options you have, is to fly directly to either the cities of Kalibo or Caticlan in Panay Island. The flight time to either city is approximately 1 hour. The airlines that travel to either Kalibo or Caticlan are Philippines Airlines, Asian Spirit, Cebu Pacific and Air Phil Express.The best flight is via Caticlan, and then you have a 20 minute banca trip to Boracay Island from Caticlan Jetty Port.

Cebu to Boracay – The airport in Cebu, Mactan International Airport has flights departing to Kalibo, Caticlan and Iloilo City on Panay Island daily. Once at Iloilo City, which is in the south of Panay Island, you will need to catch an air-conditioned bus approximately 5-6 hours to Caticlan.

Palawan to Boracay – Boracay travel from Palawan is by plane from Puerto Princesa to Iloilo City. Philippine Airlines (PAL) have flight twice a week. Once in Iloilo City you will need to catch an air-conditioned bus to Kalibo and then on to Caticlan.

By Sea

Travel to Boracay can also be made by ferry. For those on a budget and with a bit of time to spare the Manila to Dumaguit voyage is ideal. Dumaguit is the north side of Panay Island just south of Kalibo. The voyage is an overnight trip from Manila. The Ferries depart Manila at North Harbor. From Dumaguit you will have to get yourself to Caticlan. You do this by riding an air-conditioned bus or to the adventurous try taking a jeepney.

Another way to get from Manila to Boracay is to take an air-conditioned bus from Manila to Batangas (Calabarzon Region or Region IV, south of Manila). From Batangas you can catch an overnight ferry to the island of Tablas in Romblon Province. This ferry will drop you off in the small part of Odiongan. From here it is a jeepney trip across the hills to the port of Looc or Santa Fe, where you can catch a banca boat to Boracay Island.

For travel to Boracay from Mindoro, large banca boats from Roxas in Mindoro and Tablas is called the Tablas Straights, the stretch of water can become extremely rough with high winds whipping up the waters to be quite dangerous. This route to Boracay is not recommended, ensure you know what the weather conditions are like prior to your departure.

Boracay New Coast Village

Newcoast Village, the first luxury residential phase of Boracay Newcoast, evokes the quaint and intimate character of the world’s most famous Mediterranean coastal villages. Prime subdivision lots, offered in a variety of sizes, are arranged around a private and exclusive community area, where the days take on a sweeter, slower, more soothing rhythm.

  • 197 prime residential lots available
  • 2.5 hectare property
  • Underground cabling system
  • 12m road system
  • 250 sq.m. – 388 sq.m.
  • Also known as the Residential district has a total area of 8.5 hectares
  • An average of 250 square meters per lot, with 197 available lots on sale
  • P21, 000 per sq. m. (per lot on average), low of P20K and high of P25, 800 per sq. m.
  • Rolling terrain, with proper design for drainage system.
  • No beach view
  • 10 meters – maximum height requirement of houses (from the road)
  • No house and lot package yet
  • No theme
  • Roads will be 12 meters wide, with 10 meters for the secondary roads. Newcoast Village will have a separate entrance from the Spine Road.

Boracay Newcoast Shophouse District

Shophouse District

  • Each lot has an average area of 300 sq. m.
  • Cut – 15 meters (frontage) x 20 meters (depth), no sides – divided by firewalls
  • Height requirement the of building is limited to 14 meters (from the road)

Boracay Newcoast Boutique Hotels

  • Average lot is 600 square meters;
  • Average cut is 20 meters (frontage) x 30 meters (depth)
  • Total of 70+ lots – 55 lots will be available for sale; 20 lots are reserved by GERI
  • There will be a local hotel brand (Richmond Hotel 7,600 sq. m).
  • Salvage Zone – 20 meters from the beach; cannot construct permanent infrastructure to safeguard the beach ambiance.
  • Sewage Treatment Facilities – is currently developed to ensure the environment is clean.
  • South Beach (Miami), Fishing Village (Key West), Mediterranean concept/theme.